Nanodropper Adaptor



Eyedrops are too big. Nanodropper makes them smaller.  Your eyedrops are actually 5 times too large for your eye to absorb.  Nanodropper recaptures all that waste and creates a smaller drop so you have almost 3 times as many doses per bottle.  A 30 day supply can become a 90 day supply.



Get more out of a bottle of eye drops!  Nanodropper helps with anyone who:

  • Spends $10 or more out-of-pocket per bottle
  • Runs out of drops before the end of the month
  • Has side effects / tolerability concerns
  • Are frequent drop users (Smaller drops minimize preservative exposure)
  • Has difficulty aiming or squeezing the bottle


  • Don’t pull the cap straight up. This is no longer a twist-off — open it with a sideways cracking motion (at a slight angle), like a glowstick, so it easily pops off to reveal the blue tip!
  • Keep it vertical. The eyedrops are now 60% smaller (or more), so the drop could get caught on the tip if you don’t hold the bottle at 90 degrees. Tipping the bottle completely upside down will get you the same-sized drop every time. 
  • LESS pressure, MORE patience. Try it out on a tissue or tabletop to get a feel for the new lighter pressure — with microdrops, it’s much easier to get a drop out of the bottle!

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