Discreet Lash Kit


Accent the natural beauty of your eyes with this “minimalist glam” set of lashes made with Siberian mink and a soft flexible invisible black magnetic band that secures to your eyelid with an invisible high strength magnet.  The Incognito Lash length measures 3-10-3 mm (inside, center, outside).  The set comes with a protective case, applicator and black liquid magnetic liner and has a lifetime of up to 45 wears with proper storage and cleaning.


  • Enhance your lashes without the use of harsh glues used in typical lash extensions.


  • Apply 2-3 coats of magnetic eye liner along the lash line, letting each coat dry
  • Drop the lash along your lash line — you’ll feel the magnets “jump” onto your eyelid
  • To remove your magnetic lashes, gently grip the lash band from the outer corner of your eye and slowly remove — avoid pulling at your natural lashes
  • To get the most wear from your lashes, make sure to clean them after every use with an oil-free, antimicrobial cleanser
  • Remove magnetic eyeliner  with an eye make up remover
  • Store lashes in their case to protect from dust and moisture


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